Gary doesn’t want to see Sia Mi leave Chelsea

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Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville admits he doesn’t want to see Roman Abramovich forced to separate from Chelsea over Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

         “Xia Mee” has just announced the sale of the club after being pressure by all sides from the incident. Which referred to as being related to Vladimir Putin, even with a claim from British MPs to seize assets as part of sanctions against Russia

         However, Gary feels Abramovich has contribute a lot to the Premier League’s growth. Since taking over the Blues and doesn’t want to be force to leave the ufabet club.

         “There are allegations link between Abramovich and Putin.” Neville say at the Football Business Summit. Before Abramovich’s sale of the club is confirm. I think what he (Putin) did this week means that the relationship between Chelsea and Abramovich has been broke.

         “I was in a situation where I felt Roman Abramovich should leave Chelsea or should he be expel from English football? No, I don’t want that.”

         “With all due respect to Abramovich and Chelsea, he has been the owner of the team for 20 years and from my point of view. I speak openly about accepting the historic challenge of Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal.

         “Money was brought in to Chelsea, Blackburn years ago. When Jack Walker brought in money, Leicester City won the league, Manchester City and the club. From Abu Dhabi, I believe we have a strong league from it. It is more competitive and is appreciate all over the world.”