Hasselbaink advises Singha to turn down Felix to grab Ken

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Former Chelsea striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has urged his former club not to sign Joao Felix and instead concentrate on signing Harry Kane. better team

“Sing the Blues” spent a lot of money in both the summer and winter markets, attracting many players to join the team, including borrowing Felix from Atletico Madrid. Which was praise in the debut ufabet game despite being. The red card is follow until there is a trend from football fans to grab a permanent team. But Hasselbaink thinks that the old team ufabet should turn their attention to buying a striker like Kane instead.

“Chelsea need a striker, Harry Kane probably won’t, but Chelsea should try to persuade Harry Kane to come,” Hasselbaink said. no But at least the team tried.

“With Kane he can guarantee you a goal wherever he goes. There’s still a chance it could happen if Tottenham didn’t get to the Champions League and even if Chelsea didn’t go to the Champions League either – their chances are less than Spurs in the top spot. Opfour now But in the years to come Chelsea have a better chance of winning trophies and playing in the Champions League. It’s where Spurs struggle.

“Kane has 18 months left on his contract so they are not in a position to demand £100m. It will be cheaper than that, Joao is not worth the £124m he paid at Atletico Madrid. claim now He might be able to reach that point. But he didn’t play much even at Atletico Madrid, meaning the club didn’t value him that much. So they wouldn’t dare ask for £124 million.