Cole explains he would choose Bowen-Palmer over Rash.

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Joe Cole former England midfielder, said he would rather choose Jarrod Bowen and Cole Palmer than Marcus Rashford in his Euro 2024 squad.

    The situation of the striker from Manchester United is uncertain whether he will be name to compete in the Euros in Germany in the middle of this year. After there are many players in the same position who have performed better. Meanwhile, the British media has begun to analyze the players who will be include in the team that are not name Rashford as well.

    Speaking to Promotion ufabet, Cole said: “You’re going to get the headlines and there’s a reason for bringing players in and out – with Marcus. I like him as a player. I think he’s a top player. But he had a quiet season.”

    “It’s up and down and that’s what happens in his career. He had reached the top. I just thought I wouldn’t start him in my England team. Because my front three is Harry Kane, Bukayo Saka and Phil Foden. That’s my front three if Everyone is completely fit.”

    “I’m just questioning Rashford considering his career. And is every minute he’s on the pitch for England as meaningful to him as it is to a player like Jarrod Bowen?”

    “If Bowen is in the Euro squad and gets to play a minute. He will be the proudest man in the country, just like Cole Palmer.”