Davis agent has been lending his support to the media.

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Nick Huseh, the personal agent of Bayern Munich left back Alphonso Davis has been lending his support to the media and the sympathy of the industry after being given an ultimatum by the agency to decide on a new contract within a week. points out that it seems unfair to the players

Davis only has a contract left until June 2025. In the past, Bayern Munich tried to offer a new salary of 14 million euros-per-year. But it is still lower than the €20 million requested per year. As a result, negotiations were stuck for a long time. 

As a result, Bayern will underline its decision to extend or not extend the contract next week. If more than that, it is ready to be sell at auction for a value of not less than 50 million euros. 

Which, from the point of view of the player’s representative, was seen as too cut-throat. I’d rather have time to decide until the end of the season. 

“It’s unfair that we were give an ultimatum by Bayern Munich because, frankly, the plan was to make a decision at the end of the season. When things are clearer,” the opening of the mouth through UFABET

“It’s unfair that Alphonso is being squeeze now.” 

“We almost reached an agreement to renew the contract last year. But then the team management team changed completely. Haven’t heard any further progress in the past 7 months. For this trip, it was my side who contacted the club myself.” 

“It turn out that we were give an ultimatum to renew or not renew the contract. Then having to make progress in two weeks because of the pressure on the club and taking so long to reorganize the management position in the organization – this is not fair to us.” 

“The next contract will be important for Alphonso career and we had to decide without knowing who will be his trainer next season. Or what will the team look like?”

“That is why I think it is unfair for us to be give an ultimatum.” 

The Canadian player’s situation is being watch by Real Madrid, but they are ready to press the purchase price to no more than 25 million euros.